Page 10 - Catalogue 2023
P. 10

Code  :HK346  42204
                                                              Printing  Technique:  Pad Printing,  Screen  Printing,  UY  Printing
                                                              A retractable  ballpoint  pen  with  a  barrel,  upper  barrel  and  push  button  made  of  high  gloss
                                                              and  recycle  plastic.  Characterised  by  its  modern  design  the  cylindrical  barrel  merges  into
                                                              a  cuboid  clip  top  and  is  completed  by  an  angular  push-button,  The  mechanism  along  with
                                                              the  body  of  this  pen  is  made  with  recycled  material,  The  barrel  as  well  as  the  clip  both
                                                              provide  sufficient  branding  space.
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