Page 7 - Catalogue 2023
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Boa  ice  transparent  Ms


                                                              Code  :HK346  41177
                                                              Printing  Technique  :  Pad  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  UY  Printing
                                                              A  twist  action  ball-point  pen  that  has  a  frosted  ABS  barrel,  The  upper  barrel  is  also  ABS  with

                                                              a  mix  of  matt  and  shiny  surfaces  and  the  tip  is a  brass  satin  chrome.  ts  discreet  upper  part

                                                              blends  harmoniously  into  the  clip  made  of  plastic  or  metal  and  gives  the  writing
                                                              instrument  a  pleasant  lightness.  The  special  mix  of  matt  and  shiny  surfaces  creates
                                                              exciting  visual  and  tactile  effects.
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