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42668  Trias  recycling  antibaeterial

      <=                 Klio-Eterna

     Ang  gad                                  fg

       Orange   Light  Green   Blue

                                                              42668:  A  retractable  ballpoint  pen  which  has  a  barrel  and  a  push-button  clip  both  made  of

                                                              Code  :HK346  42668
                                                              Printing  Technique  :  Pad  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  UY  Printing

                                                              high  gloss,  recycled,  antibacterial  and  antiviral. design  with  a  one-piece  hexago-
                                                              nal  barrel  is  complemented  by  a  modern  push-button  clip  that  dips  into  the  barrel  sleeve.
           ¥                                                  This  pen  has  the  added  feature  of  protecting  against  coronaviruses  owing  to  the  additive
                                                              added  to  its  body.
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