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Multi  Functional  Organizers

                                                          Code  :  HK02
                                         Multi-functional  Travel  Wallet
                                      A5-Powerbank  5000mAh,  Wireless  Charger,  Metal  Zipper
                                   Notebook  50  Sheets,  Pen  Holder,  With  embossed  logo  for  the
                                     powerbank,  parameters  on  the  pocket,  Mini  IP  pad  pocket
                                                     Dimension :  24.5  x  20  x  4  cm
                            Printing  Technique  :  Screen  Printing,  D  Embossing,  UY  Printing,  Pad  Printing
                                Our  multi-functional  travel  wallet  is  an  all-in-one  folder  that
                               allows  you  to  be  prepared  and  stay  charged  wherever  you  go.
                             This  multi-pupose  travel  wallet  consists  of  a  business  card  slot,
           (  gs    y          a  mobile  holder,  a  powerbank,  a  document  pocket,  a  notepad,
                                                                              Sim  Card  Slotes   Pockets   Charging  Cables
                              a  tablet  pocket  and  a  sim  card  and  pin  tray.  All  your  conference

                                      &  business  needs  are  enclosed  in  the  travel  wallet
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