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                                                                      Black         Brown

     Code  :  HK11                                               Code  :  HK08
     Fabric  Organizer  With  Powerbank                          Zipper  Organizer  With  Powerbank
     4000mAh  and  Wireless  charger                            8000mAh  and  Wireless  charger
     4000mAh  Powerbank,  Wireless  Charger,  Mobile  Pouch,  Notebook  with  50  sheets   Black  gift  box  packaging,  8000mAh  Powerbank,  Wireless  Charger,  Metal  zipper
     Pen  holder,  Mabile  Stand,  Magnetic  Closure  with  metal  plate   Notebook  with  80  sheets,  Pen  &  Pocket  Holder,  Power  bank  parameters
     Dimension  :  22  x  17x  2.5  cm                           on  the  pocket,  Available  in  black  &  Brown  color
    Available  in  dark  grey                                    Dimension  :  19.5  x  26  x  4cm
     Printing  Technique  :  UV  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  Laser  Engraving,  Pad  Printing   Printing  Technique  :  UV  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  D-Embossing,  Pad  Printing,  Foiling
     A  high-quality  fabric  organizer  with  an  inbuilt  powerbank  and  wireless   A  fully  portable  organizer  with  6000mAh  powerbank  and  wireless  charging
     charging  facility  that  comes  with  a  magnetic  clip  closure  and  a  metallic   facility  enclosed  in  a  metal  zipper.  It  also  includes  a  80-page  notebook,
     plate  for  your  branding.  Also  includes  a  mobile  stand,  notebook  and  a   pockets  and  pouches  to  complete  all  your  office  stationery  needs.
     document  holder  to  fulfill  all  your  office  needs  on  the  go.   A  perfect  companion  for  your  meetings  and  conferences  and  also
                                                                 make  for  a  great  professional  gift.

        =-@dF@  9Dd  I

       Magnetic  Loop  Pen Holder   Mobile  Holder   Powerbank      Paper  Holder   Charging  Cables   =  Mobile  Stand   Tablet  Pockets
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