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A4  Zipper  Portfolio  &  Fabric  Folder

                                                         Code  :  HK04
                                                         Zipper  Portfolio  -  PU
                                                         Solar  Calculator,  Handle  for  Carrying,  Paper  Holder,  Pockets  &  Card  Holders
                                                         Notepad,  High  quality  PU  Material,  A4  Size
                                                         Printing  Technique  :  UV  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  D-Embossing,  Pad  Printing,  Foiling
                                                         Made  with  high-quality  PU  materials  this  zipper  portfolio
                                                         is  a  travel  document  bag  that  comes  with  a  built  in  solar  calculator
                                                         a  document  filing  space  and  a  memo  pad,  A  compact  travel  bag  like
                                                         design  with  magnetic  suitcase  handle  ensures  all  your  office  needs
                                                         stay  in  place  even  while  travelling.

                                                        1            Code  :  HK09

                                                   Fabric  Folder  with  Powerbank
                                          Size:  A4,  Pockets  &  Card  Holders,  Notepad,  4000mAH  powerbank
                                                              Wireless  Charger,  Engraving  Plate
                                     Printing  Technique :  UY  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  Laser  Engraving,  Pad  Printing
                                        Unlike  your  regular  folders,  this  fabric  folder  comes  with  its  own
                                       4000mAh  wireless  powerbank.  Not  only  will  it  help  you  keep  your
                                        documents  secure  and  in  place,  it  also  provides  a  stand  for  your
                                         mobile  phones  and  a  small  notepad.  You  can  personalise  it  with
                                                          your  brands  logo  engraved  on  the  top.

      Code  :  HK10
      Portfolio-  PU  Multi  functional
      Wireless  Charger,  Power  Bank  8000  mAh,  Handle  for  Carrying,  Paper  Holder
      Pockets  &  Card  Holders,  Notepad,  High  quality  PU  Material, A4  Size
      Available  Colour  :  Dark  Gray
      Printing  Technique  :  UY  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  Pad  Printing,  D-Embossing
      An  A4  size  multi-functional  portfolio  that  is  made  of  high-quality  PU  leather.  It  comes with  a  wireless
      power  hank that  is  portable with  most  mobile  phones,  On  the  inside  it  consists  of  a  mobile  stand,  a  notepad
      and  multiple  holders  including  card  holder,  paper  holder  and  pockets  to  hold other  things,  It  has  two  handles
      to  carry  it  around  easily  It  has  all  things  that  you  might  need while  travelling  for  work.   Charging  Cables   Wireless  Charging   Handle  for  Carrying
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