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                                             HOP @ia                               Black
     Code  :  HK17                          ENABLED
                                                                   Code  :  HK16
     Organizer  with  USB
    Size:  A5,  16GB  USB  Storage,  Contains  Pockets  &  Pouches,  Removable  USB   Organizer  with  Index
     Notepad,  Paper  Holder                                       Size:  A5,  Pockets,  Telephone  Index,  Address  Page
    Available  in  black  and  brown  color                        Dimension  :  23.5  x  18  x
     Dimension :  23.5  x  18  x  3  cm                            Available  in  black  and  brown  color
     Printing  Technique :  Screen  Printing,  D-Embossing,  Pad  Printing,  Foiling   Printing  Technique  :  UV  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  D-Embossing,  Pad  Printing
    A  premium  quality  PU  leather  organizer  that  takes  the  classic  ones  up  a
     notch  by  providing  16GB  storage  space  to  store  all  your  important  information   This  PU  organizer  is  a  great  addition  to  manage  daily  office  tasks.
     aven  an  the  go.  Apart  from  this  it  also  allows  one  to  hald  important  papers   The  inner  flap  consists  of  card  slots,  document  holders,  pen  holder
    and  has  pouches/pockets  to  hold  your  documents  and  cards.   and  a  phone  holder  to  keep  your  things  in  place.  Also  comes  with  an
                                                                   index  page  and  can  be  branded  as  per  your  needs,

         dpe                                                       q@q@@et

                     Button  Loop   Pen  Holder   Paper  Clip
                                                                    Magnetic  Loop   Pockets    Paper  Clip   Pen  Holder
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