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                                                                                                                —  —  Document
                                                                                                               r   Holder
                                                                                                                   Pen Holder


                                                                                                                  Card Holder
                                                                                                    Mobile  Holder

       66  »o@                                                                          .

        Charging    Wireless   Paper Clip   LED  Plate  for   16GB  USB  Loop
         Cables     Charging              engraving                                 é                           wail

         Code  :  HK06                       =          KW~
         Organizer  with  USB,  Wireless  charging
         8000  mAh  Powerbank,  Wireless  Charger  with  16  GB  USB  storage,  Pockets  &  Card  Holders,
         AS Size  Notepad,  LED  Plate  for  engraving            Code  .  HK318
         eT  een                                                  Multi  Purpose  Laptop  Stand
        Available  Colour:  Black                                   -             :                         /
         Printing  Technique  :  Full  color  UY printing,  Screen  printing,  0-Embossing,  Laser  Marking,   Multi  purpose  laptop  stand  with  document  holder,  card  holder,  pen  and  mobile  holder.

                                                                  Dimension  is  375x34x23,8
                     Pad  Printing,  Foiling
           .     '     ,     Fy   Fy   ;   .             '        Available  Colour  :  Black  &  Gray
         A  high-quality  fabric  organizer  with  an  inbuilt  powerbank  and  wireless   Printing  Technique  :  UY Printing,  Screen  Printing,  Pad  Printing,  foiling
         charging  facility  that  comes  with  a  magnetic  clip  closure  and  a  metallic  —Get.a  seamless  work  experience with this  multi-unctional  laptop  stand,  Itserves a  mobile  holder, pen
         plate  for  your  branding.  Also  includes  a  mobile  stand,  notebook  and  a   holder  and has  a separate  space  for  files  and  folders,  It  can he  adjusted and the
                                                ‘                different  pockets  provide  just  the  right  support  for  all  your  belongings,  It  is  a  perfect  accessory  to  carry  for
         document  holder  to  fulfill  all  your  office  needs  on  the  go.   your  work while  travelling  or  even  when working from  home. Also,  works  very well  as  a  desk organiser.
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