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                                                                     Dark  Grey    Light  Grey

      Code  :  HK263                                                Code  :  HK12
      Organizer  With  Wireless  Charger                            Organizer
      &  Powerbank                                                  Size:  A5,  Pockets,  Plate  for  marking,  Address  Page,  Pen  Holder
      Size:  A4,  Wireless  Charger  5W,  8000  mAh  Powerbank,  Pockets  &  Card  Holders   Phone  holder,  Available  Color:  Dark  and  Light  Grey
      Notepad  with  clipper,  High-quality  PU  Material           Dimension  :  23.5  x  18  x  3.  cm

      Dimension :  24  x  18.5  x  3  cm                            Printing  Technique  :  UV  Printing,  Laser  Engraving,  Screen  Printing,  Pad  Printing
      Printing  Technique  :  U  V  Printing,  D-Embossing,  Screen  Printing,  Laser  Engraving,   This  PU  organizer  is  a  great  addition  to  manage  daily  office  tasks.
                     Pad  Printing,  Foiling

      A  high-quality  PU  leather  organizer  that  comes  with  a  wireless  charger   The  inner  flap  consists  of  card  slots,  document  holders,  pen  holder
                                                                    and  a  phone  holder  to  keep  your  things  in  place.  Also  comes  with
      and  a  powerbank  to  keep  you  on  the  go.  Comes  with  a  clipper  notebook,   an  address  page  and  a  metal  plate  on  the  front  for  branding  purposes.
      a  document  pocket  and  a  USB  wire,  It's  elegant  design  and  multiple
      features  makes  it  a  great  corporate  gifting  option.


                                                                     Magnetic  Loop   Front  Pockets   Fabric  Material   Pockets
        Magnetic  Loop   Paper  Clip   Multi  Cables   Metal  Plate
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