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PU  Products

                                                        Code  :  HK18
                                                        Certificate  Holder
                                                        Size:  32  x  20.5  x  0.8  cm,  Certificate  Holder

                                                        Printing  Technique  *P embossing  Screen  printing,  Pad  printing,  UV  Printing
                                                        Sleek  and  sturdy  certificate  holder  made  with  high-quality
                                                        PU  material,  An  ideal  way  to  protect  and  present  important
                                                        certificates  and  documents.  Comes  with  ribbons  on  the  four
                                                        corners  to  keep  the  certificated  protected  and  in  place.  Can
                                                        be  customised  as  per  your  needs,

         Code  :  HK64
         Solar  Calculator
         Solar  Powered  Calculator,  Inbuilt  Ruler,  Dedicated  slots  for  Organizers,  Slim  Design
         Printing  Technique  :  UV  Printing,  Screen  Printing,  Pad  Printing
         A  sleek  and  slim  solar  powered  maths  calculator  that  helps  simplty

         calculations.  It  comes  with  an  inbuilt  ruler  on  the  side.A  dedicated
         slot  on  the  side  that  allows  it  to  be  attached  to  organizers,
         files  and  notebooks.
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